Serial Dater: Serial Dater Arrested In Japan With 35 Women, Told Each Of They Have A Different Birthday: Boyfriend Who Was Dating 35 Women In Japan Arrested

Japanese police arrested a man who was dating 35 different women at the same time. This person told about her different birthday in the matter of gifts and vouchers from all women. The police recorded a case of deception on the defendants and sent them to jail. The great thing is that the accused person doesn’t even have a specific place to live.

More than 35 cheated women
Police identified the arrested accused as Takashi Miyagawa, a part-time worker living in Kansai. In their report, the police wrote that the defendants who had been arrested had indicated their birthdays separately from the 35 women who had gone out. Police charged him with cheating on 35 women and pretending to be serious about the relationship.

All the women have been told different birthdays
Police said the real birthday of accused Takashi Miyagawa was November 13. A 47-year-old Miyagawa girlfriend reported her birthday was February 22, while another 40-year-old woman said she announced her birthday in July. Another 35-year-old woman said her birthday was in April. The media claimed that the number of female victims could be more than 35.

Accused of receiving a gift of 70 thousand rupees
According to the SoraNews24 report, these women accused Miyagawa of taking gifts worth up to Rs 70,000. This includes clothing, gift items, and cash. The accused met all of these female victims while working for a marketing company selling hydrogen showerheads and other products.

Single women have been targeted
The accused targeted women who lived alone while selling products from house to house. He used to get gifts and money by promising them to stay in a good relationship and get married later. When the women learned of his misdeeds, they formed an organization and reported to the local police. After that, the police arrested Miyagawa and sent him to jail.

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