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Good Deal News Outriders: Series Ads for PS4 and PS5 Titles During State of Play Posted on 05/26/2021 at 1:07 pm People Can Fly Studio’s newest Square Enix game makes a strong impression! Outrider for PS4 and PS5 are currently on sale and these days of the French days and state of affairs that’s fine! Outriders is THE TPS of the beginning of the year! In the format of a shooter-looter, the game takes place on an isolated planet that is hit by an anomaly. Monsters of all kinds, creatures who want to mess up your brain and why not, will be your bowels legion. It’s up to you to get rid of it! In a very futuro-punk atmosphere, the title takes you on a journey to a corner of the galaxy where life is plentiful in both flora and fauna! Putting personalization at the center of your character’s realization gives you ample time to tweak the characteristics and appearance of your avatar to suit your needs. Outriders are currently benefiting from promotions that are making the title much more accessible on both PS4 and PS5! A sign of the approach of French days or what is the state of affairs on Thursday evening? Who knows ! In the meantime, this is the right opportunity to take this opportunity!

Where can you buy Outriders?

The title is available in the PS4 version from Fnac and in the PS5 version from Cdiscount. Find Outriders on PS4 for € 49.99 instead of € 69.99 at Fnac. Find Outriders on PS5 for € 47.49 instead of € 79.99 at Cdiscount

Learn more about Outriders

Outriders is a very dark cryptic shooter game that was revealed by People Can Fly for Square Enix. It puts the player against humanoids, but also against strange creatures, as scary as they are. The game offers 3 classes with different gameplay. The opinion of Silent_Jay15 / 20Outriders does not revolutionize the genre and does not have the ambition to do so. The title People Can Fly and Square Enix recites the realms of the perfect looter shooter while abandoning the game as a service dimension inherent in this type of game punk movement. The explosiveness of its fights, its extremely well thought-out customization system and this tendency to motivate players through an ubiquitous increase in strength make this shooter-RPG an outsider. However, the anecdotal scenario, the sketchy staging, the redundancy of the missions, and the instability of the game do not allow outriders to completely impose themselves on the looter shooter scene. To learn more about Outriders, you can consult his full review. The best deals on PlayStation 4 By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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