Serigne Mbayé’s applauded response to Monasterio’s racism by saying he entered Spain “illegally”

Updated: Friday, June 18, 2021 12:36

Posted: 18.06.2021 12:35

The second day of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s investiture as the new president of the Community of Madrid was marked by tensions and fierce debates, notably with Rocío Monasterio. During her speech, the Madrid spokesperson for Vox attacked Serigne Mbayé, member of United We Can and member of the Manteros Union of Madrid, who deplored the “racism” of the far-right MP and asked him to respect and withdraw. his words.

Monasterio assured that Mbayé had entered Spain “illegally, skipping the entry queue of many legal persons who met the requirements, and that for years he profited from the illegal sale at the doors of companies and SMEs. “. At the same time, he asserted that his party is not “racist”, but distinguishes between “those who break the law and those who do not”. But his controversial remarks on this issue did not stop there, as he came to assert that multiculturalism “is a condemnation for all Spaniards, as for the French, Belgians or Germans”.

Also, that “it is not racism to denounce the knife attack of a boy in Moncloa to steal his cell phone, or that 611% of crime increased when the mining center was opened in Batán”. And he insisted: “This is not racism, it is the reality that many Madrileños endure every day.” A few words that Mbayé did not allow, who in turn to speak of allusions replied curtly to the Monastery in the face of the discomfort it caused in the hemicycle: “I ask you to withdraw your racist remarks, because in Spain not even this House is allowed to treat a person in a racist manner. ”

“I am Spanish like her and respect must be shown in this House and I ask you to withdraw these racist remarks that you have made towards me and all the immigrants”, declared Mbayé, raising his fist to the applause of all the deputies. from Podemos. Madrid and the PSOE, who stood up to show their support. Monastery not only received rejection from left groups; also, of the president of the Assembly of Madrid, Eugenia Carballedo, who urged him to withdraw his remarks.

Once Mbayé finished his speech, Carballedo asked the far-right deputy “to withdraw direct allusions to the deputy who has just spoken”, and given his refusal he decided: “You have already said no, I insist. and insist on the no, and I respect him. “A few words which were also applauded, this time by all the deputies of the Assembly except Vox. For his part, Monasterio claimed that he did not want to withdraw his statements because, as he indicated, she always referred to the fact that the United States We can deputy “entered Spain illegally”, which does not mean that “he is Spanish now”.

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