Serious effects of the corona virus vaccine

Just a few days ago, Pfizer, a company making the vaccine against the Corona virus, claimed that its vaccine was 90% effective. Volunteers, who were now part of his trial, share how the vaccine actually affected. Volunteers reported that they continued to feel like a “hangover” after taking the vaccine. He also had headaches, fever and muscle aches that occur with the flu shot, but were more severe after taking the second dose.

What happened?

Glenn DeShields, a 44-year-old volunteer involved in the trial, said the vaccine continued to make him feel like a hangover, but soon it was over. Another volunteer, 45, said he experienced side effects after the first dose, which were similar to the flu, but after the second dose it became more severe. More than 43,500 people from 6 countries participated in the phase III trial.

Tests like this

The vaccine trials were double blind. In other words, the volunteers who took part were not informed whether they had received the vaccine or not. Only half of the people were vaccinated during the trial. Scientists do this in order to understand how much a group is at risk for infection. This shows whether the vaccine worked or not.

A big challenge is ahead

Pfizer recently announced that its vaccine was 90% effective. This raised the hope of normalizing the situation thanks to Corona. However, a major challenge with the vaccine is its administration. The mRNA-based vaccine should be stored at -70 ° C. It should be stored in refrigerated trucks and special buses so as not to be spoiled. The cost of this process can be very high. In such a situation, there is also fear that the poor population will not be deprived of it.

It hurts but so does happiness

The volunteers who took part in the trial reported that even though they had suffered side effects for it, they were happy that the path to an end to the epidemic that has killed millions of people around the world has finally been opened. . People felt proud after making their contribution to society. Even one person compared it to the happiness of the end of the world war.

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