Serra accuses Ayuso of “criminalizing” families and she of “democratizing crime”

Publication: Thursday, December 10, 2020 11:52

Quarrel in the Madrid Assembly between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Isa Serra, because of the blackout that has affected hundreds of families in the Cañada Real for more than two months, which the Madrid president attributes to “mafias who cultivate massively marijuana plantations “.

The spokeswoman for Podemos, who read part of a letter written by a young girl affected by the supply cuts, accused Ayuso of “criminalizing those who suffer from a very serious human rights violation “and to try to” evade their responsibility “.

“One thing is to criminalize poverty, which we do not do, and another thing is to democratize crime, it is what you do”, dryly the popular leader in his turn to reply, who took advantage of it. to attack the formation. dwelling.

“If for you Otegi is a man of peace, then probably these criminals will be agronomists who do a kind of study over there in the Cañada Real”, quipped Ayuso, who defended that it is the government delegation that must take action against illegal plantations to end supply cuts.

“Having the Porsches parked there, great; paying the bills is what these cuts do, no,” said the regional executive chief, who also referred to Luis Nieto, new Podemos chief at Madrid. capital, like “a bank robber”. “You blew up ATMs, but you didn’t take the money,” he called out to Serra.

Almost three months without light

Precisely this Thursday a new concentration of residents of La Cañada is required to denounce their situation after “almost three months without electricity”. A situation which, according to Ayuso, “as long as there is no police action, it will not stop”.

Serra told the assembly that there were around 4,000 people affected by the supply cutoff, including 2,000 children. “They can’t do it anymore. They can’t wash their clothes anymore, turn on a computer to study, they shower every day with cold water, they can’t have heating,” the spokesperson said. , who pointed out that “they are very cold”.

In addition, Serra spoke of Vox leader in Madrid, Javier Ortega Smith, whom he called “the miserable who always attacks the most vulnerable”, after the far-right MP attacked a group of women in La Cañada . which manifested themselves in power outages.

“They are vulnerable because of their responsibility, because this would not happen in the center of Madrid or in the district of Salamanca,” said the MP for Podemos, addressing Ayuso and attributing this situation to “xenophobia” and to “speculation” from the regional government. .

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