Servitalent relies on Aplanet Equality to promote its clients’ equality policies

Servitalent relies on Aplanet Equality to promote its clients’ equality policies

The company enters into an agreement to use an innovative web platform developed by the company Aplanet, taking into account the growing demand for consulting and support services by companies to comply with the recently published RD 6/2019 and 902/2020, which establish the obligations in terms of gender equality, and which will oblige all companies in Spain to take organizational measures and a wage policy, respectively, that guarantee non-discrimination between women and men within the workforce. of work.

With this agreement, Servitalent provides a new innovative technological tool to its network of interim managers to improve its performance in the missions entrusted to it by its client companies. On this occasion, and after the publication of the new regulatory requirements in terms of gender equality, it is SMEs, less managerial in the field of human resources management, which call on the services of part-time managers for help. define this type of policy and its subsequent implementation in the company.

The priority objective pursued with this agreement, in addition to facilitating the digitization of the process of drawing up the equality plan, is to promote collaborative work with company managers, by involving them more in the definition, implementation and policy monitoring. related to talent.

The Aplanet Equality platform operationally enables our interim managers to advise, develop and support the implementation of our clients’ Equality Plans, working in a digital environment in the consensual definition of gender measures, actions and indicators. In addition, and not least, improve the efficiency of this type of management process, considerably reducing its execution costs and implementation times.

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