Seven B2C Tactics That Can Boost Your B2B Marketing

Widely used in marketing strategies, the terms B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) define whether your customer is, in the first case, a business or, in the second, an end consumer.

While it is true that the same marketing strategies and sales processes are not used to win over business buyers or end users, the truth is that we are finding more and more similarities between them. This is due to technological innovation and generational changes. Today, customers change their wants and expectations more often, even businesses.

Here are some B2C strategies you can use for your B2B marketing.

1. S staff

When it comes to communication, always be one person who communicates with another. Behind every brand or company, there is an individual. Determine how to talk to this person and which channels are most effective for doing so. If there are different contact options, the better! SEOestudios offers three key strategies for good relationship marketing: creating loyalty programs, listening to people and sending personalized emails.

2. Use emotion

If there is someone behind every brand, of course, an emotional focus on marketing will have more connection possibilities. Everyone wants to feel understood and identified. Common feelings are a very effective channel for carrying out this approach.

Appealing to your emotions is the key to communicating spontaneity and gentleness. Empathize with the real feelings we all usually have at some point in time and say it in your favor.

3. Build trust

You have already established contact, now is the time to maintain it. Inspiring reliability is key to converting prospects into customers. This is done over time: to offer excellent service and with good follow-up to your current customers. That is to say, accompanying them even after the sale to ensure full satisfaction of the business carried out.

Plus, by doing this, your current customers will become word of mouth promoters of your brand to attract future customers.

4. Offers real solutions to real problems

When speaking to potential customers, be clear about the specific problem your business is trying to solve. He is present at the precise moment with the perfect solution.

It is also practical to always have a business card or an element engraved with your logo and contact on hand, such as a pen, notebook or any other useful and personalized object, such as those offered by brands like Maxilia.

5. Show prices

If merchants knew how many sales are lost by not displaying the prices of their services or products in their sales window … Today, few people have the patience to call a representative or spend time in listening to a sales pitch if they don’t have a first idea of ​​what they are looking for can cost them.

Businesses also want quick and clear information. Does your product have a specific price? Be transparent and at least offer the lowest price.

6. Highlight the culture of your company

Just as every business has real people behind it, it also has its own values ​​and culture. By emphasizing these characteristics, you humanize and strengthen your brand. What is the personality of your company? Discover your distinctive traits and highlight them to the maximum to increase the chances of reaching more people.

7. Make the buying process easier

Reduce bureaucracies and hassles when it comes to purchasing your product or service. This means optimizing processes to gain agility, knowledge and efficiency. Consider integrating your sales data into a computer or a CRM system to centralize information. This way you will reduce the chance of errors and you will always have the customer service history at your fingertips.

Did you realize that all of this advice relates directly to interacting with customers? Therefore, knowing those who drive your product and service offering will help you target your marketing tactics.

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