seven benefits of studying them online

Languages ​​and new technologies, the great allies: seven advantages of studying them online

The pandemic caused by covid-19 has affected the way classes are taught around the world, shifting from a face-to-face model in academies and schools to an online model driven by technology. Adopting this new format allows people of all ages to learn a language from anywhere in the world in a much more affordable way. That’s why italki, a global language learning platform, analyzes the growth phenomenon of eLearning and its main benefits.

The online learning industry has seen tremendous growth in recent months due to the impact of Covid-19, which has changed the way courses are taught around the world. Indeed, 60% of students believe that online learning helps them develop a lot of social skills and to be more precise, 98% of educators think that interactive video will be essential in the future. So much so that the e-learning market in Europe is expected to grow by 28,360 million euros over the period 2020-2024, according to Technavio data. Additionally, the use of AI in education is expected to increase 48% by 2022, according to data from Ed Tech Review.

Online training is presented as a fundamental solution for people who otherwise would not have easy access to courses, diplomas and masters, either for lack of time or for lack of money. Here are some of the benefits of online education that they analyze from italyki:

Price / quality ratio: this point is one of the keys. With italki, you have several options to suit your budget and your learning needs. You can find native and certified teachers for any kind of course you need: conversation classes, business English, exam preparation at affordable prices. More comfort: by having a computer or tablet with Internet access, students benefit from great comfort when studying from home. This completely changes the established panorama, since you can choose when and how to study. Formats like italki remove the rigidity of the model used before the pandemic. Wider training possibilities: by breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom, students can focus on different types of training, languages ​​and subjects, without having to go anywhere and using this time to fully devote themselves in the study. Personalized Content – One of the biggest benefits is access to personalized content. In other words, the professional adapts to the needs of the students and not the other way around. The figure of the certified native teacher is fundamental, which is why italki has more than 10,000 native teachers who offer personalized lessons which allows a greater dedication of the points to be improved, respecting the times of each student. Personalized Model: Using digital tools, students can study at a personalized pace and progression based on goals set in the online classroom. More autonomy: this model encourages autonomy as the study progresses according to the wish of the student The study is therefore entirely up to the student. It encourages you to be persistent and consistent in achieving your goals. High Interaction: No matter where you log in from, at italki you always have the opportunity to find teachers available to reinforce 15 minutes before an exam, dispel doubts or just chat.

The main characteristic of italki teachers is the quality and variety according to the goals of each user. Classes are personalized and taught hand in hand by certified native teachers, who are then reviewed by their students, creating a community based on safety, quality and transparency. This trust-based model helps students quickly master any language in three easy steps: choose a language, choose a teacher, and book a class.

The results of this new, student-based teaching methodology are overwhelming: According to data from the City University of New York, 19 hours of studying a language in Italki is equivalent to a full academic semester, since it is a language learning platform that teaches beyond textbooks. One-on-one and one-to-one lessons taught by native speakers immerse students in the idioms and culture of the language in real-life contexts and conversations that truly understand the essence of a foreign language.

“In the current context of the pandemic, a change has been introduced in distance education which has represented an opportunity to develop flexible learning modalities. In some cases, these emerging trends in learning have the potential to augment the traditional educational pathway in which new skills such as languages ​​gain importance, which after the implementation of telework opens up opportunities. doors to employment opportunities for any other country in the world ”Sean Huang, international director of italki.

italki is touted as the best option for learning a foreign language by connecting students and teachers through private online lessons, as interaction and language immersion are the best ways to learn and master a new language. With italki, you can practice your English with a British accent from the couch at home, as if you were in a London pub. In addition, the platform does not require a subscription and the price of the courses is adapted to the possibilities of each user.

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