Seven benefits of subsidized training for businesses


Seven benefits of subsidized training for businesses

Train your employees such as BBVA, Burger King, Game or RIU Hotels via the form and learn how they do it thanks to ADAMS Formacin

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 a.m. – January 13, 2021

A year begins and with it, companies face new challenges, take on new goals and define new strategies. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that anticipating change is not only the key to keeping our business going, but it can be the differential element that puts us at an advantage over the competition. . To achieve this, experts insist on the importance of worker training.

At ADAMS Formacin, they organized a colloquium to analyze the formation of leading companies in their sectors such as Grupo Alsea (Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Burger King, Vips), GAME Espaa; OPPLUS (BBVA Group) and RIU Hoteles. All completed their scheduled training with subsidized or offered training to offer their workers courses at no cost to the students or the company. In her view, incorporating subsidized training during childbirth into their training plans had significant benefits:

In many cases, workers attended the courses while in an ERTE situation. Being able to participate in this training in a time of instability and worry has helped them maintain a connection with the company, strengthen their sense of belonging and feel more motivated. In this sense, they remind ADAMS that the government decree TES / 1109/2020 allows workers in ERTE situations to participate both in the programmed training plans of their companies and in the subsidized training plans for workers and unemployed. . Accredited training: the free courses are accredited by the funding entity (SEPE or Autonomous Communities) so that, upon completion of the course, students receive an accreditation diploma, which gives them confidence in the validity of the training. Even in the case of certificates of professionalism, this is formal training. This is voluntary and free training in which workers decide what they want to learn about. This helps companies to understand the concerns of employees in terms of training and to offer broader training plans based on employee demand. Professional promotion: The fact that the company is aware of the training that workers provide influences their professional project and their possibilities for internal promotion. The employee becomes the protagonist of their development. Professional training is always useful, because although the subject of the course has nothing to do with the current activity, it is a very good indicator to see how professionals apply creativity to certain processes. Flexibility: When it comes to online training, students do it where and when they want. Economic impact on the company: the training of professionals has both a direct and indirect impact on the company. Not only are training costs reduced, but having better trained professionals has a direct impact on business results.

If you also want to improve your company’s training plan, discover the experience of RIU Hoteles, Grupo Alsea, GAME and OPPLUS in collaboration with ADAMS Formacin.

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