seven great recipes for people management

Human resources managers release their Gastrobooks: seven great recipes for people management

Equipo Humano has been managing people in many organizations across Spain for over 20 years. Customers sometimes call them “Chef” because they carry out tailor-made projects and with such care that they seem to be great chefs who take care of each project down to the smallest detail, that is to say always with their secret ingredient: creativity and innovation. .

Its director and founder José Enrique Garca grew up in one of the best restaurants in Spain and hence his admiration for catering and hospitality, which led him to transform each of his projects into a unique, singular dish. and exclusive, but in terms of people.

The Human Team Gastrobook, the essential cookbook for managing people in your organization.

The Humans of Human team decided, for the occasion, to prepare a Gastrobook or, what amounts to the same thing, a cookbook. But not just any, because this gastronomic book answers the question: “What do a chef and a Human Team consultant have in common?” From there, the gastronomic experience begins.

As its CEO, Jos Enrique Garca explains, “at first glance it seems that they don’t share much, but in reality they have a lot of things in common”.

And what are they? Some of the basics would be creativity, daring, innovation, balance, planning and organization.

But these are not the only elements that could not be missing in the two professional profiles. Passion for their work and for people, as well as the adoption of a holistic vision “of corporate kitchens to fully understand the challenges that are proposed”, to “be able to propose global solutions, methodically, with innovative techniques, with strategy and creativity, like a chef who wants to bring his establishment to the most recognized international cuisine ”, they will join the list of essential ingredients.

However, as Jos Enrique Garca points out, “both, chef and consultant, share one fundamental thing, they are HUMAN. People who want the best for their work teams, who feel, suffer, fall in love, get frustrated, get angry and smile ”.

With this blend, worthy of a sybarite, is born the Gastrobook by Equipo Humano, which brings together great recipes for human resources advice, training, talent management … as if it were a Michelin starred restaurant.

Everyone can taste, rejoice, be inspired by some of the proposals developed by Equipo Humano over the past 20 years, full of creativity, enthusiasm, passion but above all humanity.

They say that sharing is living: download the Human Team Gastrobook for free here.

If you are hungry and want to know more recipes or savor fresh proposals in people management, the humans of Equipo Humano will be happy to make space for you in their kitchen.

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