Seven in ten Spaniards suffer from back pain due to teleworking

Up to 68% of Spaniards admit to having suffered from neck and lower back pain when working from home, according to data from Cigna: “This shows that not everyone is prepared for teleworking, because certain working conditions and health are needed, “say Deusto Salud sources.

In fact, experts warn of the importance of taking breaks in our workday and stretching at the end of the day. And it is that beyond the many well-known back pains, the study also reveals that up to 52% of Spaniards suffered during the time of teleworking from a physical discomfort, among which stand out the syndrome of carpal tunnel or visual fatigue.

“It is important to mentally and physically disconnect from work, and to respect schedules even at home,” warns of Deusto Salud, an online continuing education center specializing in health and well-being. For this, the center highlights the development of courses such as the mindfulness course, Yoga Monitor or Pilates Monitor: “These are the perfect disciplines to achieve this mental and physical disconnection”.

Pilates, a muscle tonic

Among them, experts recommend the practice of Pilates, because it specifically affects the muscle building of the lower back, which is particularly sensitive when working from home.

Another advantage of practicing Pilates is that flexibility is gained through the stretching exercises of the muscles performed with this technique.

Profile of the Pilates professional: woman linked to the sector

“Given this situation, for a lot of people, Pilates offers a job opportunity,” they say of Deusto Salud. At present, 86% of students are women, and one in two students already work in the health sector: “For many, it is about offering new solutions to their profession, as well as new ones. professional perspectives ”.

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