Seven key tips for a successful virtual job interview

For HR managers, identifying talent and developing human capital are the primary objectives. Currently, technology provides tools that allow selection processes to identify candidates’ behavior styles, cognitive abilities, areas of motivation, strengths, weaknesses … and, most importantly, the ability of people to s ‘adapt to the job. .

But in this context, there is something fundamental in the selection processes, which is the job interview and which, in the face of the coronavirus crisis, has become virtual in most cases. Therefore, when changing the scenario from the office, factory or company to the living room, it is necessary to take into account the key aspects that investigators will observe very closely.

Ana Palacios, Managing Director of SelectaPyme, is very clear when she says: “During my years of experience, I have confirmed that the location where the job interview takes place has a significant influence on the candidate, which can lead to not giving the best of himself, at such important moments ”. And he adds: “it is convenient for the interviewee to take into account a series of directives to be followed and prepare them thoroughly, to face a new interview format which to date was not the most common.

Key aspects for investigators to consider

The atmosphere of the place of the house where the interview will take place. Keep in mind that the interviewer will be viewing your house and that says a lot about you. For this reason, it is convenient that it is well lit, that it does not have paintings or posters of a political nature, or extremists of any kind, even if it is about sports, of art or culture. A corner of the house which is your favorite and which reflects your personality according to your possibilities. It is not advisable to put a virtual background, because it gives the impression of hiding your usual house, whereas it should be the opposite. Clothing. As far as clothes go, it should be like going to the meeting, as that will be the one you usually go to work with. You have to give the feeling of proximity, as if the virtual space was not in the middle. Therefore, at the start of the interview you can address, to break the ice, issues related to your home or office where the interviewer is located, current events, always avoiding politics, football or religion. , have a first conversation where you can see each other. optimism and happiness for the opportunity to work in this company. The technical problem. Everything must work perfectly, carry out the necessary tests beforehand and prepare solutions to any eventualities. You must avoid picking up the phone, opening the door, … informing the people with whom you are living the importance of this meeting for you. This way they will support you and you will feel supported by them. This will give you the strength to face the interview. Attitude to the COVID-19 crisis. An important aspect that the investigator will take into account is your attitude towards the current environment of containment, teleworking, economic crisis, everything that has changed in a few months at the global and personal level, including this interview which takes place in an atypical way. . A positive mentality must be seen in you, knowing how to adapt to unforeseen situations, evolve in the face of changes and never look for the culprit, but for possible solutions. Documents and additional material. Now is the time for you to show your aptitude, your knowledge and your experience to show that you can fill this position. Draw on documents and materials that you can send them immediately via email or share them on screen at those times. Have everything organized and prepared, you need to know that this is all part of your personal and professional qualities, and they are watching you under the microscope. Always look at the computer camera. In the interviewer’s round of questioning, always look at the computer camera, this way it looks like you are looking him in the eye. When in doubt, look no further for divine help or inspiration. If you don’t remember something or can’t give an adequate response, indicate that you will respond as soon as possible by email. We are human and we can get it wrong. Format everything related to the business. Most likely, the interviewee will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the company and your job title. A very important and even crucial piece of advice, find out about everything related to the company, its founders, its size, if it appears in the press, its CSR activities, because there is nothing worse than ” ignore the company for which you are running as a candidate. .

Ana Palacios concludes: “In view of the results of the job interview, it is always necessary to think that the people involved are those who bring companies to life, they are the ones who celebrate success, face adversity and overcome setbacks. “

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