Seven reasons why the tech sector is the only one without unemployment in Spain

Recently, the INE released LFS data for the last quarter of 2020, which put the number of unemployed at the end of the year at 3.7 million Spaniards, the worst since 2012, with an unemployment rate of 16.1%. An x-ray that HR experts point out that these numbers could change with a strong commitment to digitization, technology and innovation. According to data from a LinkedIn study released last summer, in the next five years, two million tech-related jobs will be created in Spain, especially in the area of ​​software development, in which it is expected to employ more 1.3 million professionals. .

Despite these figures, the job offer in technological fields continues to exceed the professional profiles ready to fill them. According to the latest EPA data, the programming and technology consultancy sector employs 1.8% in Spain, or the equivalent of 341,700 people.

However, the interest in a profession in technology, given the good employment prospects in this sector, is creating more and more followers in our country. According to experts at KeepCoding, a successful programming and technology training center, the poor work situation caused by the pandemic and the proliferation of online training has led to a significant growth of students in their bootcamps specializing in technology training, such as as Web Development., Mobile, programming from scratch or cybersecurity.

Only in the month of March 2020, as a direct result of the confinement and the ERTE, KeepCoding increased its students by 7.4% compared to the previous month and the number of visits to its technological education offer also increased by 17%. A growing interest that led him to close 2020 with 20% more registrations, especially in the programming bootcamp from scratch. In addition to having more than 1,400 registered for the third call Acelera Espaa, the program to reset the profile of Spanish professionals and accelerate the technological development of the country.

Due to the high employability in the technological field and the increase in the number of professionals interested in meeting this demand, the experts at KeepCoding analyzed the factors that explain why this is a sector where unemployment does not exist. does not exist:

Digital transformation: there is no doubt that in 2020, Spanish companies have made exponential progress in digitization. The virtual universe is now in almost all spheres of our life, from leisure, consumption, distance work to online education, which results in business models and new work processes with technology like absolute protagonist. Opportunity to reinvent work: data from the APE at the end of 2020 show that, in traditional sectors such as: industry, construction, services or even agriculture and livestock, the number of employees has fallen sharply . At the same time, the new work models, due to the pandemic, require more than ever a commitment to profiles of experts in technology and digitization, a possible path for the professional retraining of many professionals. Remote working: Covid-19 has enabled the expansion of remote working, for many industries and businesses, even for the first time. A new modality which removes in particular the limitations when it comes to finding a job because the physical boundaries are blurred. Especially, in technological profiles, where the presence of the worker is generally not a requirement. In fact, the European market represents a third of international IT talent, which makes it a good place to look for IT jobs, which can be developed from anywhere on the continent and around the world. Flexibility: working remotely is synonymous with flexibility in terms of location, work-life balance or schedules. In addition to working for a company, some profiles in the IT sector also offer the possibility of working freelance on one or more projects. Wide range of profiles: jobs in the IT sector are very varied. From programmers to data engineers, web developer, DevOps engineer, Cloud specialist, systems engineer, security analyst or big data expert, among others.

Based on Big Data profiles alone, a report by the European Commission estimates that there will be 13 million jobs across the continent by 2025. An area which in Spain has displaced more than 250 million people. euros in 2019.

For this year 2021, the demand for Big Data experts will continue to be greater than the supply of professionals trained to fill these positions. The three most requested profiles in this field will be data scientists (specialists in data science), data scientists (responsible for the development and operation of data processing systems) and data analysts (expert profile in the field of data processing). analysis of data and definition of strategies).

In Europe and the world, the most requested IT profiles are those of data scientists (40%), data engineers (21%) and cloud computing experts (10%); a demand which largely coincides with international demand. When it comes to the most requested programming languages, the following stand out: Javascript, SQL and Python.

In Spain, according to XVI Spring Professional’s most sought-after report, DevOps experts will be the most in demand in the telecommunications industry as companies increasingly seek process automation, integration and agile working methodologies. A profile with an annual gross salary of around 40,000 euros.

Good salary: Overall, average IT salaries are high. In the junior profiles, they do not go below 20,000 euros / year and with more experience, they can reach 100,000 euros per year. How many vary depending on profile and experience: Python developer: one of the most popular programming languages. The junior profile without previous experience can charge around € 20,000 per year, while having at least 5 years of experience will reach € 60,000 per year. Backend developer: expert programmer in data management, servers, algorithms and, ultimately, everything that the user does not see. A junior developer with these skills can earn around € 20,000 per year, while a senior developer, € 100,000 per year. Full Stack Mobile Developer: Professional with the ability to develop apps for Android and iOS. Their salaries range from € 20,000 for junior programmers to € 100,000 for seniors. DevOps Engineer: These profiles are focused on optimizing development processes and deploying projects in technologies such as cloud storage or own servers. A junior DevOps profile can charge $ 22,000 per year, while a senior profile can charge $ 80,000. Profiles of cybersecurity experts: given the large number of computer attacks that reveal the vulnerability of companies and plunged into the era of remote work, these profiles are increasingly in demand. An RSSI (Chief Information Security Officer) who coordinates the security of information processed in a company is in a salary range of 50,000 to 120,000 euros per year. Chief Data Officer: is responsible for data management in a company. With his strategic vision, he implements Big Data models and must know all aspects of data management, from their collection, processing and visualization. The salary for this profile in the early stages is € 22,000 per year and with more experience it can reach € 90,000. Market open to the youngest: while the general unemployment rate is 16.1%, among those under 25 this index rises to 40.1%. A frightening fact which highlights the difficulties of the youngest to enter the labor market. The shortage of profiles in the technology sector gives them the possibility of finding a first job, and even their youth is often appreciated by HRDs for IT positions.

In this sense, Adriana Botelho, CEO of KeepCoding, recalls that “it is not necessary to have a specific university education to enter the market in the IT fields. It is a 100% meritocratic market with employment opportunities. In fact, you can learn to program from scratch, at any age, without any prior knowledge, as long as there is desire, hard work, and persistence. Programming is aimed at all those who are curious and able to work, and it is also a skill more and more in demand by profiles of all ages ”.

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