seven tips to encourage you to start a business

Embracing the path, setting priorities or managing your emotions are some of the tips for entrepreneurs who want to create new startups.

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 a.m. – February 22, 2021

The fact that we are not living in the golden age of work is a reality we all have in mind. In just a few years, the working models and the conception of professional life that existed generations ago have completely changed. In Spain and in the world in general, the “boom” of startups has come to stay, and this is not surprising, given the great success achieved by international companies that started a few years ago as a project. entrepreneurial. And it is that, in times of financial crisis or global pandemic, the mantra “if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad”, is a good application.

An example of entrepreneurship in recent years is that of TherapyChat, the leading online psychology platform in Spain. Founded in 2016 in Madrid, it gives its users access to psychologists of all specialties through weekly video calls. TherapyChat’s mission is to democratize psychology, facilitate access to its professionals, and enable people to achieve their best version comfortably and affordably through online support. In almost five years of life, TherapyChat has grown from project status to over 200 active psychologists working for them, as well as an international presence in the UK.

If you have also had an idea around you for years and are thinking about starting a business, this could be a great time. Spain is committed to becoming an entrepreneurial nation, so it became clear a few days ago with the presentation of the bill for the promotion of the ecosystem of emerging companies, which will be the first law on startups. in Spain to promote entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, according to Ada Rubio, coordinator of TherapyChat’s team of psychologists, “despite the fact that we are apparently in a good time for entrepreneurship, the fear of uncertainty and failure continues to grow. be the main obstacles when creating a startup Spain “. To try to avoid these situations and encourage all these entrepreneurs to fight for their projects, TherapyChat today brings together 7 tips to break down the barriers of fear and ” uncertainty that in many cases prevents the creation of new startups:

Embrace the change. Change is not easy, it is scary and it costs effort. But if you feel that tingling in your stomach or that urge to be entrepreneurial and growing, go for it. Fear will be your companion in this process, as it has the noble mission of alerting you that you are heading into uncharted territory and that a lot can go wrong. He does not do it in bad faith; but with the idea of ​​preventing you from tying all the ends together and not to undertake with innocence. Look fear in the face and act in spite of it, but with a head. In the face of fear, you may want to take refuge in the comfortable and familiar, but remember that if you have reached this moment it is because your life, while predictable, has cried out to turn the tide and bet. about a change that’s scary in the short term, but in the long term, the deadline might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Look at the long term, but also at the short and medium term. You don’t go crazy or overnight it takes time and a good plan. Take the end goal and start breaking it down into smaller goals that will eventually get you there. Make them small and affordable enough that you can really pull them off. So you can continue to profit from small successes and learn from small failures. You also have the option to step back three steps if necessary and reframe your sub-goals without touching yourself. Set priorities. Not only should you mark these milestones, but also determine which ones are most important and most urgent. These should be the first to deal with. Also, don’t forget to think about different ways to solve each of these small goals. So you will not only have a plan A, but a B, a C … Guess how that helps you? To reduce uncertainty. There are many factors that entrepreneurship is beyond your control, but there are many more. Take the reins of those who are and it will give you greater security. Get advice from qualified people and go among entrepreneurs to learn more about their experiences. This will help you reduce uncertainty. By definition, uncertainty arises from a lack of information, and when this happens, our minds imagine a lot, with little real basis, generating anxiety and fear. Manage your negative thoughts. These are sure to attack you at every turn, but keep in mind that most of our thoughts are irrational. How can you identify them? Cast aside thoughts that are not objective, do not help you cope with the situation, cause very intense emotions, and contain extreme words such as “everything”, “nothing”, “I must”, “impossible”, etc. . Instead, ask yourself what reality is around you today, and look for surrogate thinking that is more rational. For example: instead of “it will be fatal, I will never succeed”, you can think “I may not succeed, but I will try my head”. Manage your emotions. You are entering a period which is going to be difficult, although, we hope, rewarding. It is therefore necessary that you reserve time for rest each day, for your leisure time and for sleeping. This will help you maintain emotional balance. But you can also exercise, meditate and do relaxation exercises to avoid moments of anxiety, and also to intervene when they are already present.

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