seven tips to improve it and increase your productivity

Discipline, an essential aspect at work: seven tips to improve it and increase your productivity

Studies have corroborated that discipline generates greater happiness in people. Despite this, it is difficult to maintain it when we come across more immediate and enjoyable activities such as sleeping or watching TV, which we prefer instead of doing other tasks that involve constant work like reading or exercising. .

It is very important to stimulate self-control, this way we can make better decisions, this way you can lead a more balanced life and feel more satisfaction. For this reason, Aprende Institute shares a guide with seven steps you can take to develop discipline, gain willpower, and achieve your goals.

Step 1. Define your goals and execution plan

To be disciplined you have to know what you want to achieve, if you don’t know where you are going you can get out of the way. Getting the results you are looking for is a very important part of feeling good.

We recommend that you write down your goals in concise words and from a positive perspective, think about what they represent in your life, and then set dates to achieve them regularly. It is important that if you do not achieve a goal, do not judge yourself, take the experience and analyze the situation again, the rewards will come.

Step 2. Recognize Areas of Opportunity to Be Disciplined

Whether it’s getting more sleep in the morning, eating junk food, or being addicted to a TV show, we all have obstacles in achieving our goals.

It is important to recognize your weak point and therefore to work on it. Discipline must be exercised constantly, it develops little by little, like a muscle. Don’t panic if at the beginning you are not constant you can always work more! Being aware of your weaknesses will also allow you to know your strengths, personal resources, and limitations, which will make you become the best version of yourself.

Step 3. Identify your motivation

Being disciplined is a very important point, what is the reason you get up every day? The engine that drives you to achieve your goals. This fuel is very important to achieve everything you offer, the will has a direct link with our daily work, this is the reason why we want to achieve our goals.

Motivation allows us to connect with our inner will and strength. To recognize it, you just have to look within, understand your deepest desires and the why of things.

Step 4. Learn to Manage Procrastination

You’ve probably heard of procrastination and how it haunts us when we seek to be disciplined. Maybe this has tripped you on several occasions. The most common symptoms may be evident when trying to complete a task, project, or work from home; but you seek any distraction to postpone your duty, making you feel anguish. To solve this problem, we recommend that you practice the IAA (Intention, Attention and Attitude) model:

Intention. You might want to be more productive one day and more relaxed another day. While it can vary, it should always be oriented towards who you are and remind you of what’s important to you. Warning! Your attention can be both selective and open, the most important thing is that you come back to the present moment and decide what to focus on. Attitude. Through attention, you will be able to acquire an attitude, which will determine how you live your life and your process. A more positive attitude, transform your landscape and it will be easier for you to see the opportunities in any situation.

Step 5. Take small steps

Reach your goals in small steps! Instead of trying to change everything in one day, focus on just one. You cannot be a different person overnight, enjoy and embrace the process. We recommend a few alternatives that can help you acquire a rhythm in what you do:

Establish daily shifts, shorten them first and increase them over time. If you’re trying to sleep better, start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night. If you want to eat healthier, start preparing your lunch the next night.

Step 6. Establish a routine

It is important to organize and manage your time consciously, establishing a routine that includes the tasks of the day, includes all of your activities, from work tasks to leisure and rest. You can organize your list in a physical or digital diary, this step will allow you to regularly exercise your discipline and carry out your activities.

Step 7. Reward yourself for your discipline

After achieving one or more goals, think of something that you want to reward yourself when you achieve it, it can motivate you, make you feel your own support, and give you a reason to focus. Not celebrating your accomplishments could affect your ability to develop new habits, build better relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Discipline can allow you to shape your own character and have a wider view of reality, in which you achieve your goals through your efforts. Remember that a disciplined person will always achieve their goals because they are persistent and constant.

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