Seven trends in workers’ compensation that will be critical for HR in 2021

Seven trends in workers’ compensation that will be critical for HR in 2021

Workers’ compensation has become a key area of ​​human resource management. And the fact is that to be a good people manager, turning your company into an attractive brand for talent is no longer worth just the salary. It hasn’t been worth anything for a long time. For this reason, the social benefits that companies offer to employees, beyond salary, have become a priority on the agendas of HR managers.

And it is that at present, more if possible in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, take care of employees and their families, their health and their well-being, but also their concerns, tastes or needs will make the difference. For all of this, the area of ​​compensation and benefits has become a fundamental pillar of people management.

We will be talking about all this at the 4th Compensation and Compensation Congress, a unique and exclusive event in which the latest trends in labor compensation and flexible compensation will be analyzed, such as digitization, flexibility, “ new ” employee needs, the well-being of the workforce both physically, mentally and financially, the safety of workers, retirements, expatriates … so many key issues in this area of ​​HR which will be fundamental in a year as complicated as the one ahead.

During the congress, a panel composed of more than 25 experts in human resources and people management, will detail and analyze present and future trends in the field of labor compensation, among which the following stand out:

Digitization Flexibility Physical, mental and financial health Diversity of employee demands Equal pay Employee security Company social forecasts

Find out more about the 4th Congress of Remuneration and Remuneration

The 4th Congress on Remuneration and Remuneration will take place next Tuesday, December 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:35 p.m., in hybrid format, with a face-to-face part at the Azca tower in Madrid and a virtual part, in streaming. It will discuss the latest trends in labor compensation and flexible compensation.

The congress will have the presence of experts in the human resources sector and specialists in the field of remuneration from companies such as EY, Aon, Seur, Casino Gran Madrid, Arvato Bertelsmann, Orange, BMW, Cobee, Personio, Acciona , Ibercaja or Repsol.

EY is the main sponsor of the 4th Compensation and Compensation Congress and AonyCobees is the main sponsor. The congress also benefits from the support of Accrual, Personio, Click & Gifty Vitaldent as sponsors, BMW Madrides, the official vehicle, Coonices, the official agency and technological partner of Eventellinges. SmartFit participates as a collaborator of the congress. Human resources as an institutional sponsor.

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