Several communities have pledged to “take a step back” and tighten Christmas measures

Posted: Wednesday December 16 2020 12:44 PM

First reactions from the autonomous communities to Pedro Sánchez’s announcement that if we have to tighten the measures for Christmas, “we will ask” the regional governments.

In Catalonia, Pere Aragonés, the interim president, ensured that “his pulse will not shake” if it was necessary to “take a step back” and apply new restrictions to contain the contagion of COVID-19 in Catalonia: “He must stop because to be “, warned.

“We are not doing well, not well at all. We must speak clearly and frankly, citizens deserve to be treated as adults and jointly responsible,” he said when he appeared in Parliament to report on the latest measures adopted by the Generalitat in relation to the pandemic.

With only one week left for the Christmas holidays, the speed of contagion in Catalonia continues to increase, with an Rt (the number of people infected, on average, one positive) of 1.22 and 62 new deaths reported in recent 24 hours.

La Rioja also announced that it will extend perimeter containment until January 15, the hotel business will close at 8 p.m., and no celebrations or mass influx activities. These measures, they warn, are subject to change: “If the trend changes, we will act forcefully and quickly. In other countries, measures have already been strengthened. And in other communities, changes are being noted. ”

Galicia announces today its Christmas plan and has decreed its closure: you can not come without a justification of those provided for in the regulations. This measure reduces mobility. Family reunification is allowed but they recommend that the holidays be celebrated with cohabiting units. On meetings, maximum number of 6 people. When the two family units are not respected, the limit is 6, not counting the children. Prevent; These measures may be revised depending on the epidemiological situation.

Also the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, leaves the door open to toughen measures at Christmas in the Empty Country due to the evolution of the coronavirus and warned that the application of the vaccine to the whole population will last until the fall 2021.

Madrid says that “if necessary” restrictive measures will be taken, but that they will be announced, in any case, on Friday, when the epidemiological data is published. “We are evaluating these data and with their evolution we will see what restrictive measures must be taken”, declared Wednesday the Minister of Health, Ruiz Escudero.

As President Pedro Sánchez warned on Wednesday, the Christmas regulations could be revised, an issue that will be debated this afternoon at the Interterritorial Health Council, and which will be analyzed next Friday by the Advisory Council for Civil Protection . of Euskadi (LABI).

The People’s Party has asked for the government’s collaboration with the autonomous communities to adopt restrictive measures. Health sources tell LaSexta that, while they know they need to take more restrictive action, “we have to find the formula.” There are intense contacts with all the autonomous communities, they say, with the idea of ​​reaching an agreement this afternoon. If there is no consensus, they specify, “the decisions will depend on them”, on the communities.

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