Several parties call on Sánchez for ‘alternative’ to state of alarm to maintain restrictions after May 9

Publication: Tuesday April 13, 2021 1:26 PM

The national leadership of some political parties is following in the wake of their regional representatives and asking Pedro Sánchez for an explanation of what will happen to the state of alarm, which ends on May 9.

They did so several days in the Congressional Spokespersons Council after the President of the Government raised the possibility of not extending this legal tool because “we are at the beginning of the end. Some statements that some autonomies criticized for the lack of powers to enforce restrictions such as curfews or perimeter limitation.

For this reason, both regional governments and some political parties have asked the head of the central executive to explain what the alternative to the state of alarm is in order to continue to apply the necessary restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic.

The People’s Party has come out to “support all the reforms” necessary to “limit mobility and restrict movement” in order to reduce the transmission of the virus. They believe it would be “absolute gravity if Sánchez didn’t legislate an alternative to the May 10 address.”

The PP is in favor of “supporting all the reforms” necessary to “limit mobility and restrict movement”

Más País frontman Íñigo Errejón said he was “surprised” before Sánchez’s appearance on Wednesday. “He appears and we still do not know what he is going to say. He does not want to trigger the state of alert but we do not know what the alternative is,” he said. Likewise, he asked that there be no “guerrillas” with the autonomies and that they go “all together”.

Joan Baldoví, for his part, said that if he was “Minister of Health”, he would like “to have absolute certainty that the measures implemented cannot be overturned by a court”. And it is that on certain occasions, the superior courts of justice annulled the measures applied by the autonomous executives. For this reason, he called the president’s remarks “risky” and called for “caution” in dealing with this issue.

More bluntly, EH Bildu spokesperson Mertxe Aizpurua took the floor, acknowledging that the current situation “says very little about the ability of politicians to manage.” “The autonomous communities and the government must seek a solution”, he said, while asking that “people are not faced with permanent and constant insecurity”. In his opinion, “a decree agreed with the autonomies” could be approved.

PdeCAT MP Ferrán Bel hopes Pedro Sánchez will brief the rest of parties and governments on what will happen from May 10 if the state of alarm ends.

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