Sex surrogate helping injured Israeli soldiers

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Sexual substitutes are provided to help wounded soldiers in Israel. Women or men. These sex substitutes work as a patient’s sexual partner. Surge partners teach clients how to form close relationships and eventually have sex.
There is controversy in many countries around the world about sexual substitution therapy, but there is also a country where this treatment is carried out at the expense of the government. Yes, we are talking about Israel here. Sex substitutes are provided at government expense to help seriously injured soldiers in Israel. These wounded soldiers need sexual rehabilitation. These sex substitutes act as the patient’s sexual partner.

According to a BBC report, Ronit Aloni runs a counseling center in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. At her center, surrogate partners teach some of Aloni’s clients about close relationships and finally sex. Aloni said, “It doesn’t look like a hotel, it’s like a house or like an apartment.” It has a bed and a CD player. There is room for swimming nearby. There are provocative pictures on the walls.

“ Substitutes can be both men or women ”
Alonie says sex therapy is couples therapy in many ways and if someone doesn’t have a partner, they can’t complete the process. He said that this surrogate can be both male and female. They play the role of partner. While critics call it prostitution, but in Israel it is provided to soldiers at government expense. It is provided to soldiers whose ability to have sex during battle is affected due to injury.

Aloni said, “People need to feel that they can make someone else happy and that they can get someone else’s happiness.” Alonie holds a doctorate in sexual rehabilitation. He said of the review: “People come for therapy. They don’t come for fun. There is no similarity between this and prostitution ”. He said that during all of this therapy, 85% of the sessions would be close, touching and loving.

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