sex with aliens: sex with aliens 300 people claim in Britain

Hundreds of people in Britain have claimed to have had sex with aliens from other planets. The words of these people are usually not to be believed, but since they were claimed there has been a heckling. In a recent survey, nearly 300 Britons said they had had sex with petite green men and women.

Most people in Norwich City
David Abrams of the investigation website said that people’s comments showed that the people these people were having a romance with were creatures from other planets. Most of the people claiming to have extraterrestrial connections on this website are residents of Norwich, a UFO hotspot in Norfolk County, England. The city has been in the headlines in recent months for its bizarre activities.

Investigators were also surprised to see the number of people
23 percent of the people on this list are residents of Bristol. In third place were the inhabitants of Liverpool, whose number is said to be around 22%. Surveyor David Abrams said we were surprised to see that so many people have admitted to having relationships with aliens. We had no idea these would include as many people as possible from cities like Norwich and Bristol.

People have already claimed to have seen aliens
He said that where people have claimed the maximum number of such incidents, something should be done for the people of that place. Maybe this turns out to be the best way to talk to them. In Britain, many people have claimed to have seen aliens landing on Earth and flying saucers in the past.

British Estress also made a strange statement
The Daily Star Sunday quoted actress Abby Bella last month as saying she had a relationship with aliens. This actress claimed that she had met five aliens, whose bodies were much thinner and taller than normal humans. Abby Bella even claimed that aliens took her to their home planet for a 20-minute date.

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