Sexual assault of Uyghur Muslims in China: horrific sexual assault on Uyghur Muslim women in Xinjiang – Xinjiang: heartburn in China

A heartbreaking story of the sexual exploitation of women has come to light inside the Uygar Detention Camp in Xinjiang Province, China. When a woman has escaped from there, she recounts the pain of past atrocities, then the hair comes up. She says men in suits wore masks even before the outbreak. In the middle of the night, they would come to prison, take women and take them to the “dark room”. There were no surveillance cameras here. Several times this has been done.

Gang rape and torture
The woman spent 9 months in a camp where China is accused of keeping 1 million people. China calls it a “ re-education camp ” for Uygars and other minorities, but human rights organizations say the Chinese government has taken away all freedom from the Uygars. According to the BBC report, people from the camp and a guard also recounted how there had been mass rape, sexual atrocities and torture.

From rape to electric shock
The victim, who now lives in America, says that every night women are released from prison and Chinese men wearing masks rape them. She herself has been gang raped three times. He said many women never returned. Those who returned could not even tell anyone what had happened to them. She says that before the women were taken outside the cell, they thought they were being tortured but never thought they had been raped. They also received an electric shock.

Women are arrested and ‘sold’
According to the BBC, a woman from Kazakhstan was also in the camp for 18 months and was forced to undress the Uigh women. These women were handcuffed and then sent with Chinese men. They said these men paid more for the most beautiful woman. He said women were arrested for wearing long clothes and hijabs. Propaganda programs were broadcast in his cell and his hair was cut.
Uigar women monitor menstruation, forced abortion, China to reduce demographic brutality
Abortion is forced
Earlier reports had said that Muslim Uygar women in China were forced to have an abortion if they were found to be pregnant. They are no longer allowed to have children. Even officers monitor a woman’s period so pregnancy can be detected. It was only done with Uygar women, not Chinese women. Previously there was a children’s policy in the country, but even after this policy ended, the atrocities against the Uygars continued.

Life as hell in China, a painful story of millions of Uighar Muslims

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