Sexual violence in the Corona era has become a cruel mode of warfare, frightening situation in African countries: United Nations

Many countries have witnessed an increase in sexual violence against women during the United Nations corona virus outbreak. The UN chief released a report indicating that in many countries, sexual violence has been used as a brutal tactic of war and political repression. He also said verified information had been received on the case from 18 countries, where incidents have increased significantly. 52 parties involved in sexual violence against women This report indicates that information from 18 countries refers to 52 parties who are strongly suspected of using rape or other forms of sexual violence in areas affected by violence. violence. It indicates that more than 70 percent of the parties listed have been involved in such activities since the beginning. It has also been reported that these parties blacklisted at the United Nations are mostly non-state actors. Violence Spreads Terrorism, Rest and Opposition The UN has reported that violence against women includes extremist groups, rebels or opposition groups linked to the Islamic State or Al- terrorist organizations. Qaeda. The national army or police forces on this list cannot join United Nations peacekeeping operations until they commit within a limited time frame to ending the violence. It consists of the Myanmar army and border guards. The military and police forces of Congo and South Sudan are also suspected of sexual violence against the armies of many countries; Government forces and intelligence services in Syria; Sudan comprises the armed forces and rapid support forces, the army and police in Somalia and the security forces of the Puntland region. 20 Congo groups in countries with non-state elements; Six groups from the Central African Republic; Five groups of gardeners; Groups of four each from South Sudan and Syria; Two groups from Sudan; Iraq and Somalia and its groups. Sexual violence has been used as a tactic of war, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares has said sexual violence is used as a tactic of war, threatening human rights and security through oppression, terrorism and militarization and weapons were used indiscriminately. Gutares said a conflict erupted between the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front in November in Ethiopia’s Tegere region, with allegations of more than 100 cases of rape. Sexual violence also in the ethnic armed conflict in Myanmar Gutares said there were also reports of sexual violence in the ethnic armed conflict in Myanmar. He said Tatmadaw’s security forces and ethnic rebel groups engaged in sexual violence in Rakhine, Chin and Shan states. The report includes the events of 2020 leading up to the military occupation of the government of Myanmar on February 2. Risk of trafficking in women in Corona crisis increased, Secretary-General said movement restrictions related to Kovid-19 epidemic and limited economic opportunities also increased risk of trafficking and sexual violence of women . He said the incidence of child marriage in Iraq, Syria and Yemen had increased due to the epidemic. Gutares said 24 women were raped during the army’s campaign against separatists in the West African country of Cameroon in February 2020, and the incident was not revealed until July. Desperate in African countries, he said women from opposition parties were threatened and arbitrarily detained during elections in Burundi. The Secretary-General said similar incidents of rape and gang rape occurred during the conflict between farmers and herders in Sudan. Gutares urged member countries of the United Nations to ensure that victims of sexual violence are supported and rehabilitated.

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