shah mahmood qureshi india: there is no possibility of talks with india in the current situation: pakistani foreign minister shah mahmood qureshi says dialogue with india is not possible

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said there was no possibility of diplomatic dialogue with India under the current circumstances. A media report said so on Thursday. Qureshi said there was no dialogue or diplomatic dialogue going on with India behind the scenes. New Delhi maintains its position that “dialogue and terrorism” cannot go hand in hand.

India has also repeatedly called on Islamabad to take clear action against the various terrorist groups responsible for attacks against India. Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted Qureshi as saying, “In the current situation, there is no possibility of a back door or diplomatic dialogue with India … The circumstances are not conducive to dialogue at this time.”

According to the newspaper, Qureshi was speaking to reporters in his hometown of Multan when he made the comments. Relations between India and Pakistan have deteriorated since Pathankot air base was attacked by Pakistani terrorist groups in 2016. After that, relations between the two countries fell into the abyss due to several other attacks, including an attack on the Indian army camp at Uri.

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