Shah Mahmood Qureshi news: Shah Mahmood Qureshi Vidoe Viral on Osama bin Laden martyr or terrorist

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Pakistani Foreign Minister Osama bin Laden was taken over the issue of being called a martyr, Qureshi gave no answer to this question in an interview with Tolo News Imran Khan had told Osama in the Pakistani parliament the year last as Shaheed Kabul
Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is surrounded by an interview given to the Afghan news site these days. In a conversation with Tolo News, when the reporter asked Qureshi if Osama bin Laden was a martyr or a terrorist? So instead of answering, he began to stutter badly. The video clip of this incident is also going very viral on social media. In fact, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called Osama bin Laden, the feared terrorist and al-Qaeda leader, a martyr in Parliament.

Was Osama bin Laden a martyr?
In this interview, Lotfullah Najafizada, director of the Afghan news channel Tolo News, asked Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi several questions that made him feel completely uncomfortable. Lotfullah asked if Imran Khan said that Osama bin Laden was a martyr. To this, Qureshi, after stuttering and waving his hands for a long time, said his statement was irrelevant. It was covered by a particular section of the media. The reporter asked another question: Was Osama bin Laden a martyr? At what Qureshi said, I leave this question.

Qureshi also trapped on the issue of Taliban terrorists
Lotfullah Najafizada had asked another question to know if the Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada, Mullah Yakub or Sirajuddin Haqqani are not in Pakistan? In response to this, Qureshi said that you are asking your government. You keep accusing. Lotfullah then questioned that Taliban leader Sheikh Abdul Hakim had visited Afghanistan last month. Then he publicly declared that he had come from Pakistan.

New propaganda from Pakistani foreign minister: Taliban tell ‘peacemaker’ they accuse India of spreading terror
Qureshi admitted – Pakistan’s relations with the Taliban
Responding to Lotfullah’s question, Qureshi, smiling forcefully, said Sheikh Abdul Hakim had made no contact. That’s why we don’t know. Qureshi said the Taliban wanted to bring peace to Afghanistan. About this, the reporter raised another question and said: how do you know that the Taliban want peace? In response, Qureshi has openly said that they (the Taliban) have spoken because I cannot participate in the Taliban-Afghan talks.

Pak Foreign Minister unconscious, ignorant or ally? ‘Bloody’ Afghan NSA furious at Qureshi again
Afghan NSA surrounds Qureshi
Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib denounced Qureshi’s interviewed statement, writing that it comes as the Taliban continue their violent attacks against the Afghan people across the country. We know how and why they (the Taliban) are able to do it. Qureshi is either ignorant, ignorant, or collaborator. He can even rule out the fact that Osama was found next to the Pakistani military headquarters.

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