Shah Mahmood Qureshi Taliban: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi wipes out Taliban violence

Kabul / Islamabad
Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has once again created chaos with his controversial statements. He refused to hold the Taliban terrorist organization responsible for the violence. Not only that, Qureshi falsely accused India of carrying out terrorist activities from Afghanistan. His statement was not only condemned by politicians in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan. He has already angered Saudi Arabia and America with his arrogance.

Angered by India’s presence in Afghanistan
In an interview with the Afghan newspaper Tolo News, Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed concern about India’s presence in Kabul. He argued that India and Afghanistan do not share any borders. But why are there such close ties between these two countries? Qureshi forgot here that the part of Kashmir which Pakistan illegally occupies in India, this part is directly linked to Afghanistan.

Free kick given to the Taliban for violence
When asked about the Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and the killings of government officials, he tried to give the dreaded terrorist organization a clean note by going around in circles. Qureshi said who is responsible for these attacks? If you try to assume that the violence is more Taliban-driven… again, that would be overkill. Why am I saying this? Are there not other elements playing a spoiler?

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Targeting the Afghan government
Responding to another question on violence, Qureshi said organizations like ISIS are growing as forces in Afghanistan. He also attacked the Afghan government. Qureshi said that there are people who profit from the economy of war, who want to maintain their power, who don’t look beyond their noses and just want to retain power.

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ISI’s lie repeats itself again
Angered by India’s presence in Afghanistan, Qureshi attempted to re-establish the lies of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. He also falsely accused India of having more than four Indian embassies on Afghan soil and India’s involvement in terrorist activities here. Asked about the number of Indian consulates in Afghanistan, he replied, “Well, on paper, maybe four.”

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In-depth knowledge given about India presence
When asked if he doubts that number, he replied: No, I say sometimes we have the impression that you do not share a border with India. Obviously, you have sovereign relations and you have bilateral relations. You have every right to have sovereign and bilateral relations with India. You have business with India, they’re coming to do development work there, that’s fine with us. He added that sometimes we think their presence is probably bigger than that because they… don’t share boundaries with you.

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