shah rukh pakistani hospital brand ambassador: shahrukh khan gets a “ broken bone ” in pakistan? People Said – How Much Money Was Received – Pakistani Fracture Bone Hospital Made Photos of Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan Go Viral

Shahrukh Khan, the uncrowned king of Bollywood, is also very popular in Pakistan and that is why people started to use his name for their own benefit. An image of Shahrukh Khan is going pretty viral on social media these days. In this photo, the bone in his hand is broken and he is in a plaster. In fact, a hospital in Pakistan is spreading by making false posters of Shah Rukh.

This is a bone joint center in Hafizabad, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. This bone-binding hospital made the image of Shahrukh Khan breaking his hand to show himself a poster. Shahrukh, who has become the hospital’s “brand ambassador”, has now become a talking point on social media. Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat shared the photo of Shah Rukh breaking his hand on Twitter.

“How much money are you making to promote the hospital?”
In this photo, people are now tagging Shahrukh Khan and asking about how much money you make for promoting the hospital. One user wrote that now Imran Khan will be held responsible for accidents in the country. Another user posted a photo of Salman Khan and wrote that Salman Khan sells chicken.

Shah Rukh, who married Pakistani Zara Hayat Khan in the movie Veer Zara, is very popular in Pakistan. Perhaps this is why Hafizabad’s deputy commissioner sang to the tune of Shah Rukh Khan’s song last year to warn people of the corona virus. King Khan’s films are also very popular in Pakistan.

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