Shahbaz Sharif Sugar Scam: Case Closed to Shahbaz Sharif, Friend of Prime Minister Imran Khan in Pakistan Sugar Scam

Pakistan’s main investigative body has filed an FIR against opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif, Prime Minister’s friend Imran Khan and three others in connection with the billion-dollar Chinese scam. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Sunday registered a complaint against the president of the Muslim League of Pakistan (Nawaz), Shahbaz Sharif, his sons Hamza and Suleiman, friends of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jahangir Tarin and his son Ali Tarin.

These individuals have been indicted for money laundering, counterfeiting, breach of trust and fraud with government shareholders. In this case, Tareen and his son are charged with cheating and laundering 4.35 billion rupees, while Shahbaz and his son are surrounded by similar allegations of 25 billion rupees. Just days ago, the High Court of Lahore filed the FIA ​​against the JDW and Farooqi Pulp Mills sugar factories of Tarin and Al-Arabiya Sugar Mills of Shahbaz by the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission and the FIA ​​on the basis of “ procedural breaches and dictatorial exercise ” The case was closed.

The FIA ​​said the court granted it the right to proceed without discrimination against those involved in the Chinese scam. Shahbaz and his son Hamza are in Kot Lakhpat prison in Lahore in custody in another money laundering case filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) while their youngest son Suleman is in London.

A local court has found Suleman at large in the NAB money laundering case. Tarin and his sons recently returned from London. Ali is the owner of the Pakistani Super League franchise “Multan Sultan”. The FIA ​​has not made any arrests in this case so far.

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