Shaman’s Staff Discovery: Stone Age Shaman’s Wooden Staff Found in Finland

What was the job?

Dr Satu Koivisto from the University of Turku, who has studied this, said this serpent-shaped staff decorated with fine carvings provides insight into the story. He says he made a lot of discoveries but was surprised to see it. In cave paintings from this period, snake-shaped objects are depicted in the hands of humans. Therefore, experts believe it must have been used for witchcraft-like work. According to the University of Helsinki researcher Dr. Anti Lhelma involved in the study, this stick indicates such customs in history where shamans (tantrics) used snakes.

environmental impact now

The place where this stick was found was discovered in 1950 but it has not been fully excavated. This has been noticed since 2019. The conditions here are such that the old things of the girl can be saved. New finds include wooden utensils, structures, and fishing gear. According to archaeologists, at this location there was not only a tantrum with a stick like a snake, but a lot has been done. This can be understood by the people of this period. However, due to the changing environment here, the place is damaged. The changes in the situation have also had a detrimental effect on the evidence for history. This research was published in the journal Antiquity.

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