Shamima Begum British teenage girl who joined ISIS not allowed to return home: Supreme Court denied ISIS wife Shamima Begum to return to UK

Britain’s Supreme Court did not allow famous Shamima Begum to return as the wife of ISIS. The court also denied her permission to challenge the case to regain British citizenship. Bangladeshi-born Shamima Begum moved to Syria in February 2015 at the age of 15 to join ISIS with two of her friends.

Shortly after Shamima Begum was found in a Syrian refugee camp in February 2019, her British citizenship was revoked on national security grounds. Britain feared his return would jeopardize the country’s national security. After that, the UK government appealed to the Supreme Court against Shamima Begum’s petition.

The five judges of Britain’s highest court have unanimously ruled that Shamima Begum cannot be allowed to return to the country. Supreme Court President Lord Robert Reid said the Supreme Court unanimously approved all of the Home Secretary’s appeals and dismissed Shamima Begum’s petition. He said the right to a fair hearing did not outweigh all other concerns, such as public safety.

Shamima Begum was born in Great Britain. His parents are of Bangladeshi descent. Shamima Begum, better known as the wife of ISIS, was married to Yago Riedijk, a Dutch ISIS fighter. Shamima Begum is one of three schoolgirls from Bethanal Green, east London, who traveled through Turkey to ISIS’s headquarters in Raqqa.

Shamima Begum had challenged the UK Home Office’s decision to revoke her British citizenship and wanted permission to return to Britain to continue the process of her petition. He is currently in a camp controlled by the armed forces in northern Syria.

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