SharePoint breaks all your records with 200 million users

Last year, during Ignite, Microsoft began revealing some of the individual service numbers used by customers of its Office 365 platform. At the time, the company said it had 100 million active users. monthly from SharePoint in the cloud. .

SharePoint doubles its numbers in one year

Today, the company updates this figure and the growth has been substantial. In a blog post by Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, he says the number of monthly active SharePoint cloud users has doubled to 200 million.

A simple little math tells us that the company has added 100 million users to the service in the past 13 months or so. A significant portion of Office 365 subscribers use SharePoint to some extent. As we know from the latest Microsoft results, there are around 250 million paid Office 365 subscribers, which means a significant portion of those customers use the platform.

Of course, it is possible to use SharePoint Online without paying for Office 365 with SharePoint Online Plan 1 and 2. Mapping the growth of Office 365 to SharePoint is therefore not a perfect science. But it is clear that a considerable number of users use the Office 365 model.

Keep in mind that this SharePoint figure is a monthly milestone for the platform. Unlike Teams, where the business shares numbers on daily active users, this makes it harder to compare teams with the growth of SharePoint. That being said, both platforms are growing rapidly and reinforce the fact that Office 365 is a multi-faceted platform, not a one-ride pony.

The significant migration to remote work in 2020 has likely helped spur this growth. Adding 100 million new users per month. This is a sign that the company’s cloud services are evolving quickly and efficiently.

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