Sharia punished in Indonesia for same-sex relationships, two young men killed 80 to 80 whips – Irish couple flogged in Aceh for having same-sex relationship

In Indonesia, 80 to 80 whips were killed under Sharia law, an Islamic sex law for a gay couple. This case is reported in the conservative province of Aceh. Two young men having same-sex relationships here have been publicly flogged under Islamic law. It is said that they were both found in a rented room in November in semi-arid conditions. After that, the owner informed the police.

Sentenced to 80-80 flogging
After months of cross-examination, the Islamic court sentenced the two young people to 80-80 whips. During this time, a young man could not take the pain and passed out. As a result, the religious police had to postpone the sentence for a while. The remaining whip was later killed when the young man recovered. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the defendants also passed out after seeing her son beaten on the spot. Who was admitted to hospital for treatment.

No gay sex crime in Indonesia except in Aceh state
Gay sex is not a legal offense except in Aceh State in Indonesia. This state is still condemned under Sharia law. An official from Aceh province in Indonesia said the sentence imposed under Islamic Sharia law is final, whatever it is. Even people coming from outside must respect local standards.

Men and women will no longer be able to eat together in Indonesian
Sharia law is applicable in Aceh
Explain that the Sharia of Islamic law is applicable in Aceh province in Indonesia. Under which intercourse before marriage is a punishable offense. Local authorities said the couple’s body temperature was checked before the sentencing. Explain that Indonesia has the largest Muslim population.

There is a provision to whip this punishment
In Aceh province, according to Islamic law, people convicted of alcohol consumption, sex, homosexuality and gambling are punished with lashes. This law was implemented by the Indonesian government in 2005. However, human rights organizations opposed the law from the start and declared it inhumane.

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