Shark Attack Jordan: Jordan Parasailing Shark Attack Video: Parasailing Shark Attack Video

Parasailing is an adventure in itself, but for a Jordanian, that adventure suddenly turned into an accident. In a rare incident, a parasailing man was attacked by a shark which jumped out of the water and bit his leg. Many of his bones were broken because of it. He had to be immediately taken to hospital and operated on, after which his condition remained stable.

unique case of its kind
After the incident, people across the region are in panic as such accidents rarely happen here. Aqaba International Diving Center told local media the incident scared people, but could happen anywhere. They say that there are also snakes and scorpions in Karak, but they are not so dangerous that people should stay away from fear.

He says he’s been diving for 20 years but it’s the first time he’s heard such a shark attack. At the same time, Mohamed Khalil Al Jabada of the College of Marine Sciences told Gulf News that sharks are generally not found on the Jordanian coast where the water is not deep.

A mutant shark has been found
Speaking of scary sharks, in February this year an Indonesian fisherman caught a mutant shark with a human face, after seeing which people were in panic. In fact, this shark with a human face was removed from the stomach of a large shark. The fisherman refused to sell this shark and began to breed it at his home.

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