Shark Magnetic Field: How Sharks Navigate Water Using Magnetic Field: How Sharkfish Swimming

How do sharkfish navigate oceans around the world and find the right direction? A team of scientists have found the answer to this question. His research has shown that sharks use magnetic fields as a natural GPS (Global Positioning System). The researchers reported that their lab experiment tested small shark species, confirming the answer to this question. Other creatures living in the water also do similar navigation.

This study describes how these sharks roam, hunt and breed in the vast seas. According to researcher Brian Keller, yet we knew that sharks have the effect of the magnetic field but they use it for navigation, it is now confirmed. There are a lot of sharks that travel over 12 miles, but come back to the correct address.

The question of how sharks travel long distances has preoccupied researchers for many years. Oceans don’t even have landmarks like corals with which they identify the path. For this study, the scientists selected 20 bonnethead sharks and placed them under magnetic conditions. They discovered that sharks swam north when subjected to magnetic impact. At present, more studies are needed to see how sharks use it.

It should also be seen if the large sharks also find their way in exactly the same way. Keller says the results of this study will help in the management of shark species because their populations are at risk. A study done this year found that some species declined by 70% between 1970 and 2018.

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