sharks interesting facts: Giant Glow in the Dark Shark found in New Zealand: largest glow-in-the-dark shark found

Many creatures living in the deep ocean are known to glow in the dark. Now, for the first time, marine scientists have found a giant shiny shark. The Ritchers have spotted a Kitefun shark on New Zealand’s east coast that has the ability to self-glow (bioluminescence). This shark can grow up to six feet long and stay 984 feet below sea level.

New discoveries about it have made it the largest vertebrate (vertebrate organism) to shine. The place where this shark lives is called the Twilight Zone of the Ocean. It reaches 3,200 feet under the sea and there is no light here. The study found that because they live in such a dark place, they have nowhere to hide.

Why are these sharks glowing
She uses the glow of her body to camouflage herself, a way of hiding by looking like a shiny water surface. Scientists believe that a slowly floating shark uses it to catch its prey, which swims at high speed so it can sneak up and attack.

Chemical shine
The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, was conducted jointly by Belgian and New Zealand scientists who discovered it in January 2020 and published its results on February 26. This species has already been identified but a potential for bioluminescence was observed for the first time. It is also called living light or cold light. The chemical luciferin present in fish makes it glow. Scientists say this ability certainly plays an important role in our planet’s largest ecosystem.

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