Sharley Abdo created a caricature of Turkish President Ergodan

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Sharley Abdo now sees caricature of Turkish president sitting in underpants on front page, protests in France over caricature of Rajab Tayyib Erdogan, Prophet Mohammed, Iranian newspaper showed the monster to Emmanuel Macron
The French weekly Charlie Hebdo has again become a subject of controversy after it produced a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed five years ago. Now the magazine has created a caricature of the President of Turkey, which has created a ruckus. Turkey accused Abdo of “cultural racism”. Recently, the magazine made a front page caricature of Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan.

Turkey condemned
Far Fahretin Altun, Erdogan’s senior press official, tweeted: “We condemn this publication’s extremely vile attempt to spread cultural racism and hatred. The result of French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Muslim agenda is visible. Sharley Abdo has printed a series of so-called cartoons showing disgusting cartoons showing the looks of our president.

Sharley Abdo Printed Cartoons

‘Funny Erdogan’
Wednesday’s edition of the magazine was posted online, with Erdogan appearing in a t-shirt and lower part, drinking beer from the can and picking up the skirt of a woman wearing a hijab. It read “Erdogan: He’s very funny in private”. Sharley Abdo published this cartoon at a time when there is a debate between Erdogan, Macron and other European leaders over the beheading of a French teacher. Parisian teacher Samuel Patty was beheaded by an Islamic attacker for showing children in his class a caricature of the Prophet.

Controversy over the prophet’s caricatures: angry with Muslim countries against France, vigorous protests in Bangladesh

Macron’s clean and intact secularism
After the incident, Macron said France would continue to follow its centuries-old traditions and laws that guaranteed freedom of expression. Thanks to this, Sharli Abdo also gets the freedom to make cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, from which this uproar started. Also earlier in 2015, Charley Abdo’s office in Paris was attacked and scores of journalists were killed. At the same time, after the recent incident, the problem arose again around the world.

Macron in the Iranian newspaper

Macros have become monsters
Macron is opposed not only in Turkey but also in Iran. After Macron’s statement, the media showed him here a “monster”. His cartoons have also been printed here which have long ears, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. In Iran, Watan Emroz says macros angered Muslims around the world. About 10,000 people belonging to an Islamic group marched in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on Tuesday, urging Muslims around the world to boycott French products.

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