shashi tharoor pakistan video: shashi tharoor and pakistani comedian on funny video on imran khan: shashi tharoor and pakistani comedian on funny video on imran khan

Strong points:

Shashi Tharoor’s English comedy video in Pakistan, Tharoor said, said the next one will be made on Imran Khan.
The English of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is under constant discussion these days in Pakistan. A few days ago, Tharoor found an error in the Pakistan Civil Service Queshan newspaper, then a Karachi-based commissioner revealed in a video how to speak English like Tharoor. By sharing this video, Tharoor demanded that a video of Commander Akbar Chaudhary be made on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. With that, Chaudhary liked Emraan in a hidden way.

‘I have no experience like Imran’
Chaudhary replied to Tharoor: “ I will be happy, but such a video for Imran Khan can be made on how to win the hearts of beautiful women and because I am a comedian and an engineer besides so I have a huge experience of it is missing. In fact, the image of Imran Khan has been like Playboy in the country. Imran, who has had three marriages, has already been famous for many love stories.

Akbar’s response

There were a lot of videos on social media
At the same time, Akbar’s video was widely shared on social media, where he did fun activities like Tharoor to learn English. Sometimes he drinks the juice from the Oxford Dictionary and sometimes delivers a video of Tharoor as a drip. Finally, he is fluent in English like Tharoor who really does dubbing.

Pakistani apartment on Tharoor English
Previously, the Pakistani CSS issue paper was shared on social media. The person who shared it, tagged Shashi Tharoor, wrote: “This year’s CSS paper can only be written by Shashi Tharoor.” Shashi’s response to this message made people laugh. Tharoor replied on the post- “I never heard bericloge myself!” Do you think it is not a mistake when writing crafts? His response was well known on social media.

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