“She conquered the virus”

Publication: Friday, December 18, 2020 4:11 PM

“In Madrid there is a committee of experts. They correctly advised Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who overcame the virus in Madrid and the virus of extreme ideology.” This is how the spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Senate defended the management of the president of Madrid in “La Hora de la 1”.

This is what he did when the Community of Madrid returned to the record, leading the expansion of the pandemic in the peninsula. As of November 20, the region had a cumulative incidence (AI) over the previous 14 days of 285 cases per 100,000 population. To date, Madrid has an AI of 262.13.

The semaphore of the Ministry of Health, which classifies communities by color, again marked red for Madrid on Thursday. This region is again in the scenario of extreme risk of the evolution of the pandemic, due to infections during the last two weeks and to the occupation of intensive care beds, which amounts to 25.79%.

“In recent days, the Directorate General of Public Health has detected new outbreaks that are linked, fundamentally, to social and family gatherings. This is where the most contact occurs, which is why we have decided to ‘adopt surgical measures, “he said of the increase in Ruiz Escudero business. Some epidemics which, according to Elena Andradas, have been recorded since December 8.

However, Maroto believes that “from the data available to us” it can be said that “Ayuso beat the virus in Madrid”. He also believes that the president has been “the sackcloth of the left”.

Maroto also considers that the government has launched a “personal attack against the Madrilenians, to the point of negotiating with Rufián and raising taxes” in Madrid. “This has led the president to appear as a fighter in the public eye.”

Indeed, the French newspaper “Le Figaro” spoke of Ayuso as “the revelation of the Spanish right” and called it “phenomenal”. In the article you can also read that Madrid has “the hospitalization rate is one of the lowest in Spain”. However, the truth is that the extreme risk has returned, due to infections and intensive care bed occupancy.

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