Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad: Pakistan will continue to support the Kashmiris, says Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on the second anniversary of the abolition of Article 370 of Kashmir: Pakistan will remain silent on the second anniversary of the repeal of article 370 of Kashmir

On the occasion of the completion of two years of repeal of Articles 370 and 35A of Kashmir, Pakistan will fight again Thursday. Ignoring the concerns of those facing the Fourth Corona Wave, the Imran Khan government announced a condolence meeting across Pakistan on August 5 at 9 a.m. During this time, traffic on Pakistan’s roads will be stopped and a minute’s silence will be observed. This program has been named “Yum-e-Istehsal Kashmir” by Pakistan.

The melody of engagement in Kashmir
Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said our government and the Pakistani people will remain committed to Kashmir until the right to self-determination is granted to Kashmiris under UN Security Council resolutions United. This is the same minister who threatened to attack India with atomic bombs weighing a pound.

No sugar to eat and Imran takes enmity with India, ban until withdrawal of article 370
India accused of spreading terrorism
Pakistan, the biggest sponsor of terrorism, has also accused India of spreading terrorism. Like Imran Khan, referring to Hitler in all matters relating to India, Sheikh Rashid compared the policy of the Modi government to that of the German dictator. He falsely claimed that India was involved in sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan celebrated Black Day last year
Last year, when Section 370 was abolished, Imran Khan’s government observed a dark day. On this occasion, the color black was highlighted in Pakistan, from television to newspapers. All Pakistani channels have been invited to broadcast special programs on the subject. Pakistan also released a song last year, but this time it couldn’t happen.

Imran Khan News: India is not asking for talks, so why is Imran Khan putting a condition on Kashmir?
Hear about Imran’s condition for talks with India
Imran Khan has repeatedly made the withdrawal of Article 370 a condition for talks with India. What is interesting is that India has never asked for a discussion with them. Imran says he will not negotiate until India applies Section 370 to Kashmir. Previously, he had also overturned the decision to import cotton from India with this condition in mind.

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