Sheikh Rasheed Said Afghan Investigation Team Arrives In Pakistan To Investigate Kidnapping Of Envoy Silsila Daughter: Afghanistan No Longer Trust Pakistan, Will Investigate Kidnapping Of Daughter ‘ambassador

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After China, Afghanistan no longer trusts Pakistani investigation Afghanistan sent a team to investigate the kidnapping of the daughter of its ambassador, Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, who said the fake incident
After China, now Afghanistan does not trust the Pakistani investigation either. Afghanistan has sent a team to Pakistan to investigate the kidnapping of Silsila, the daughter of its Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil. The outspokenness of Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid himself confirmed this. He claimed that Pakistan had completed the investigation into the kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter. Previously, he claimed that the ambassador’s daughter was never kidnapped and called the whole affair a conspiracy from India.

Sheikh Rashid said Pakistan would inform the Afghan investigative team of its investigation. He said: “If the Afghan team wishes, they can meet with the taxi drivers whose taxis were in the taxis. A four-member Afghan investigative team is said to have arrived in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Sunday.

Indian intelligence agency RAW plots: Rashid
Previously, the government of Imran Khan, which had failed to stop the kidnapping of Silsila, daughter of Afghan ambassador Najibullah Alikhil, from the capital Islamabad, had called the whole affair “false. “. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid even claimed it was an “international racketeering” aimed at defaming Pakistan. It is run by the Indian intelligence agency RAW.

This statement by Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid comes at a time when Afghanistan has decided to withdraw all its senior diplomats from Islamabad. Silsila, the daughter of the Afghan ambassador, was abducted Friday from a market in Islamabad. After torturing for about 5 hours, Silsila was thrown onto a road. Silsila had been seriously injured and had broken bones.

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