Sheikh Rashid on India: Pakistani Interior Minister spits poison after leaving Kandahar, India should flee Afghanistan

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Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid spits venom over India’s dismissal of Kandahar workers
Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid spat venom over India’s dismissal of its employees from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Rashid said India had no choice but to flee Afghanistan. He claimed that India is sowing terror against Pakistan from the land of Afghanistan. India has strongly denied this assertion by Pakistani leaders.

Rashid said the Indian world is laughing in Afghanistan. He said: “India has encouraged terror against Pakistan for the past 40 years by staying in Afghanistan. India now has no choice but to leave Afghanistan or flee. He said Pakistan is located in such a place that no one can ignore whether it is China or America.

Interior Minister Pak said that now the Taliban are new and well behaved. He said it was important for the whole region to resolve its issues with the Taliban through dialogue. As the Taliban rise to power in Afghanistan, Pakistani leaders have grown furious and continually speak out against India. Pakistani President and Prime Minister Imran Khan has spat venom at India.

India is going to be the biggest loser: Imran
Imran Khan, who seems very happy with the departure of US forces from Afghanistan, had recently highlighted the Taliban regime and said that there would now be very serious changes in the region. In this, India will prove to be the “biggest loser”. He also said that the kind of changes that are going to happen in Afghanistan, America itself will also suffer a lot.

The withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has begun and President Joe Biden has set the deadline for September 11. Imran, who arrived in Gwadar, said: “This India faces the biggest problem in Afghanistan. India has invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country where the situation is very complicated. Imran Khan alleged that India is involved in terrorism.

Pakistan angered by talks between India and the Taliban
The Pakistani Prime Minister claimed that there is clear evidence that India was involved in the recent terrorist incident in Lahore. He said Pakistan has a very clear policy regarding Afghanistan and is sticking to it. Imran said: “There is no military solution to the problem of Afghanistan. The Afghan side will decide the future of their country. Imran Khan’s statement comes at a time when Pakistan is angered by India’s behind-the-scenes talks with the Taliban.

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