Sheikh Rashid Raw Attacks in Pakistan: Indian Intelligence Agency RAW: Grand Minister Sheikh Rashid

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Pakistani Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rashid, claimed that RAW could launch attacks against the country’s leadership, saying RAW had launched actions to destabilize Pakistan from within. Take care of safety yourself Islamabad
Pakistani Minister of Railways, Sheikh Rashid, claimed that Indian intelligence agency RAW could carry out a deadly attack on Pakistani leadership. He alleged that RAW had started its action to destabilize Pakistan from within, so Pakistani leaders should take care of their security themselves. Rashid claimed he had also been assaulted three times.

Rashid said: “RAW can harm any great Pakistani leader.” Rashid’s statement came at a time when Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the military spokesman recently accused India of spreading terrorism in Balochistan. Qureshi claimed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, Indian intelligence agency RAW donated Rs 80 billion and prepared 700 terrorists to destroy the Dream Project’s China-Pakistan economic corridor.

The dossier was presented on Saturday on the alleged Indian terrorism by the Pakistani foreign minister, who encouraged the terrorists operating in Jammu and Kashmir. Qureshi said, “India has given 80 billion rupees to ruin the CPEC. India has formed a militia of 700 who will continue to target CPEC in Balochistan. India tried to spread nationalism there ahead of the Gilgit-Baltistan elections. Even after the elections, India’s intention is not noble.

Threat from Sheikh Rashid, cannons will not work for 4-6 days in this war, there will be direct nuclear war

“ RAW prepares a special cell, targets a Pakistani city ”
Qureshi claimed that RAW had prepared a special cell to target CPEC. He alleged that India is using its land to spread terrorism in Pakistan. Not only that, India is also using the land of Afghanistan to attack Pakistan. Pakistan’s foreign minister has warned that terrorist attacks in Pakistan may escalate in times to come. He said India was violating three international treaties, including the United Nations and the Vienna Convention. He said India was pressuring us to get on the FATF blacklist.

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