Sherdil Goat: Watch Pakistan Video Sher Dil Goat Sacrificial Animal Cost: Sherdil goat sold for 5 lakhs in Pakistan

The goats were to participate in a national competition before being sacrificed in Pakistan. In this competition, such a goat was won, the weight of which is more than 300 kg. Each year this competition is organized on the basis of the weight in which the most suitable scapegoat is selected. The weight of the winning goat this time is a lion.

The weight of the brown goat is 314 kg. There are white spots on it. Sherdil’s owner Farooq Ejaz resides in Gujranwala and that is why he came to Faisalabad for the competition. He was declared the winner of the contest on Friday. This competition has existed for 23 years.

After the victory, Ejaz received a reward of Rs 5 lakh. The second place went to the goat named Lal Badshah from Lahore, whose weight was 300 kg, while the third prize went to Kalu of 278 kg from Multan. It is claimed that Sherdil is one of the heaviest goats in the world. According to reports, people bring their goats from remote areas of Pakistan for this competition.

They expect a large sum in exchange for these goats selected for sacrifice. Perhaps that is why, this time too, regardless of the corona virus outbreak, there was a huge crowd for competition in the livestock market. With the owners of the goats, the spectators were not lacking. Several times goats over 300 kg take part in this competition, but this time Sherdil has broken all old records.

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