Shirtless female activists protest outside Vox headquarters with a banner with the slogan “They Shall Not Pass”

The Femen demonstrate in front of Vox’s national headquarters in Madrid. Shirtless activists of the organization unfurled a banner outside the building early Friday with the slogan “they will not pass”, used by the Republican side during the civil war.

The poster could also read the warning “Fascism wants to conquer Madrid”, as well as the message “Madrid will be the grave of fascism”.

In addition, the demonstrators launched slogans such as “To fascism, not one more step!”, Before being identified by the police. An action that the organization itself shared through social networks, where it called to go and vote in the Madrid elections on May 4:

For its part, the far-right party responded to the rally in front of its headquarters with a message on Twitter. “It is irresponsible on the part of Pablo Iglesias to order his harem to come like that to our headquarters. The times are not here to risk catching pneumonia”, quips the Santiago Abascal party.

This is not the first time that Femen has demonstrated against Vox; He already did so during his campaign closing ceremony for the April 2019 general election, when members of Femen burst onto the stage set up in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón shortly before the rally began.

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