Shooting at US shopping center: United States: Man escaped opening fire at Wisconsin shopping center, 8 injured – police search for man after shooting at Wisconsin Wauwatosa shopping center

Eight people were injured in an attack on a shopping center in Wisconsin, United States. It is reported that the accused opened fire inside a shopping mall in Vavatosa, Wisconsin. Mayor Dennis McBride said by the time police arrive, the accused fled and is being searched. They said the condition of any injured is not critical. All took the emergency services for treatment.

Police chief Barry Weber said the reason for the attack on the Mayfair shopping center was not known. Weber told reporters: “According to initial eyewitness statements, the accused could be between 20 and 40 years old.” An attempt is underway to determine his identity.

Closed shopping center
The chief asked people to stay away, calling the mall an active crime scene and the mall was closed until further information. Witnesses say they heard 12 gunshots. After receiving information about the incident, 75 police officers and 10 ambulances were invited to be dispatched to the scene.

Event in February
Earlier in February, there was a shooting here when town policeman Joseph Mensah shot 17-year-old black American Alvin Cole. Police said Cole was fleeing from police and Ashwet Menhah himself claimed Cole fired a gun at him. After that, there were a lot of protests here.
(Entries: Associated Press)

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