shooting star viral video: Real-time viral video of a shooting star from space: Viral video of a falling star from space

Seeing a shooting star in the dark sky is a unique experience in itself, but if something like this is seen from space, it will likely be luck. However, it is common for astronauts aboard the International Space Station to see amazing sights. Astronaut from France made such a video just want to keep watching. He shared a video of a “shooting star” going from space to Earth.

What did you see from space?
This shooting star is actually a Russian space module. French astronaut Thoma Peske shared a time-lapse video of the sight that lasted 6 minutes. He wrote, “Entering the atmosphere without a heat shield creates a good fireball.” In the video, small pieces of this Pirs module are also seen falling off the edge. In fact, when something comes into the earth’s atmosphere from outside, because of friction, it produces so much energy there that it burns.

Why do you see “shooting stars”?
Usually, the fragments of the meteorite coming towards Earth after separating from the asteroid look like this. Sometimes they pass without touching the atmosphere, sometimes they look like a fireball (a meteor and a strip of light are visible behind. This is called a “broken star”, but they are not really stars called a meteor shower.

Would you like it or not?
Peske also joked that if such a ‘shooting star’ ever appears, it could in fact be a scorching waste of space. If this happens then the wish you are looking for after seeing it may not be granted, but you still have to ask for a wish as it may in fact be a piece of a meteorite. The Russian Pirs module retired after 20 years of service. It has now been replaced by the Russian science module Nauka.

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