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the essential “Pays de Serres, solidarity country” is the list of the couple formed by Elise Igounet and Yves Boissières. Department candidates in the Pays de Serres want to bring together “beyond traditional divisions”.

The battle for Larzac had not yet begun when Johnny Hallyday refused to be locked in a cage in Medrano in 1966 and responded to Antoine’s remarks with a “Long hair and short ideas”.
In this campaign with a view to the departmental elections on June 20 and 27, there is a couple in the Pays de Serres who cannot be classified and who, for their part, advocate short circuits and have long ideas. He offers “an alternative that goes in the direction of the passage of time”, to use the words of Yves Boissière.
The 66-year-old founder of the Musée du Foie Gras in Frespech forms a couple with Elise Igounet, coordinator of a medical and social service, who have the ambition to do politics differently. “There are better ways than handing a sterile model of public debt to future generations by building solutions for the future in other ways.” Which?
Élise Igounet, for example, evokes the desire to support the administrative procedures of project sponsoring municipalities by helping them find funding. Yves Boissière wants to promote short circuits and rural agriculture that creates non-relocatable jobs and thus contributes to the maintenance of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Bringing together” for a better “attractiveness”

Both have the art of developing every point of their program and let’s face it, their thinking runs deep. You are a power of suggestion, and assuming it will be elected – why not? -, they intend to be “the constructive minority” to defend identified projects that come from practice, such as a safe family bathing place for young people. The professional success of Yves Boissière, a figurehead of Occitan culture in Lot-et-Garonne, is undoubtedly a great asset in this local election.
“I didn’t wait for Serge Bousquet-Cassagne to come up with ideas,” he smiles. I’ve been short-circuited all my life. When we set up the farmer’s market on the farm with my wife 25 years ago, we were mistaken for fadas. The Chamber of Agriculture then launched the Country Markets. “He repeats it again and again: He is fighting to make“ the Pays de Serres ”attractive. For her part, Élise Igounet is attached to the idea of ​​“building bridges”, “bringing them together”, “interlocking”. They complement each other. You have set up an email address
to exchange with them.

They are supported by their deputies: Samuel Pontoni and Juliette Armagnac.

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