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Problems of Weakness: – Due to weakness you always have to face fatigue, body aches, difficulty in breathing while climbing stairs etc. So include some foods in your diet.

Due to physical weakness, we get very tired of doing any small activity. Our breathing becomes short and our body aches. If there is such a problem then you have to include some nutritious items in the diet. Through which the weakness of your body is removed and you will stay healthy and fit.

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Eat a nutritious diet

To overcome physical weakness, you should include all nutritious items in your diet. Eat lentils, vegetables, pinch, rice and salad. Don’t eat fried foods and eat rich foods.

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Take cinnamon

You are very tired and you are weak. So you consume cinnamon powder with honey. This will also strengthen your immune system and eliminate your weakness.

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Eat sprouted grains

To overcome physical weakness, you have to consume sprouted grains. For this, soak mung beans, raisins, almonds, chickpeas etc. at night and drink water after waking up in the morning and eat sprouted seeds. This will remove your weakness in a few days.

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Eat soybeans

Soybeans are the most helpful remedy for weakness. It contains adequate amounts of protein, including various vitamins. Which gives strength to the body. That’s why you can fry soybeans and eat them. You can eat it in the form of flour with wheat like bread or you can also drink soy milk.

Eat carrots

Carrots are very beneficial for health. It contains many types of vitamins. Which is beneficial for the eyes as well as the body and also increases the amount of blood in the body. Along with this you can also consume beetroot. This will eliminate your weakness and also increase the amount of hemoglobin.

Exercise –

To overcome weakness and stay healthy and fit, it is important that you do not eat fried foods. Eat a nutritious diet and exercise for at least half an hour every day. This will keep your body fit and increase your stamina. This will prevent you from having trouble breathing.

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