Side effects of pfizer covid vaccine latest news: Norway, Finland, Netherlands … Side effects of Pfizer’s corona vaccine are raising questions around the world – find out why side effects of pfizer covid 19 vaccine are raising questions in the whole world after the death of Norway

As the global campaign for the introduction of the corona virus vaccine gains momentum, cases of side effects from the US company Pfizer’s vaccine continue to grow. 23 people have died in Norway after Pfizer’s corona vaccine and 100 people have been affected. At the same time, another European country, Finland, also announced that after the application of this vaccine, side effects were observed in 32 people. However, it is not yet fully confirmed that these deaths in Norway are directly related to Pfizer’s vaccine.

Norway has reported that 23 people have died after being vaccinated by Pfizer. Not only that, side effects have been observed in a total of 100 people after applying this corona vaccine. Norwegian health officials said those people had seen rashes and swelling around the eyes. These people received immediate medication and recovered quickly. He said symptoms of headaches, fatigue and sharp pain have been seen in other people instead of injections.
One person has died in Norway, Belgium, with 23 deaths after application of Corona vaccine by Pfizer
Norwegian authorities warn of side effects
Norwegian officials have also said that these side effects are common after vaccination. Meanwhile, Norwegian officials have warned Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine may be too dangerous for sick people of certain ages. Norwegian authorities said after the atypical report of 13 people who died that the common side effect caused a severe reaction in people already ill and in the elderly.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has warned that “seriously ill people can suffer serious consequences if they have very few side effects from the vaccine.” The organization said: “Among those with very short lifespans, Pfizer’s corona vaccine will have little or no benefit.” Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said it was monitoring the investigation into the deaths of 23 people in Norway.
Doctor fell seriously ill after Pfizer received corona virus vaccine, admitted to ICU
There have been 32 cases of vaccine side effects in Finland
Meanwhile, Finland, a neighboring country to Norway, said there have been 32 cases of side effects from the Pfizer vaccine. Symptoms of allergic reaction, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, and chills have been observed in these people. There is no news of anyone’s death in Finland. On the other hand, Belgium has said that a person died 5 days after applying Pfizer’s corona vaccine to a person here. Israel also said it had 1,000 cases of mild side effects.
Two days after Pfizer’s corona vaccine, healthcare worker dies, father demands answers
Norway changed directive to apply Corona vaccine
Norway changed its guidelines for applying the Corona vaccine after 23 people died from the Corona vaccine. However, even after these deaths, Norway decided to continue with the vaccine. All those killed in Norway were over 80 years old and admitted to nursing homes. Steinar Madsen, medical director of the Norwegian Agency of Medicine, said: “Doctors need to carefully identify people who need to be vaccinated. Those who are seriously ill and are counting their last breaths should only be vaccinated after checking them one by one.

Questions Raised Around the World About Pfizer’s Corona Virus Vaccine

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