Side effects of pfizer vaccine dead in Norway: 13 people killed after being injected with corona vaccine in Norway, Pfizer vaccine in question – Side effects of Pfizer Biontech Covid vaccine 13 deaths in Norway after vaccination

Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine was introduced in Norway 4 days after the new year. So far, this vaccine against the corona virus has been applied to 33,000 people in the country. It had already been announced in Norway that the corona vaccine would have side effects. Now, after being vaccinated for so many people, the Norwegian Medical Agency said 29 people saw side effects in which 13 people died.

According to reports from Russian news agency Sputnik, Norwegian medical agency Steiner Madsen said in a conversation with the country’s national broadcaster NRK: “Of these 13 deaths, there are nine serious side effects and 7 serious side effects. less serious secondary. ” In Norway, a total of 23 deaths are linked to vaccination. Of this number, 13 have been investigated to date.
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“ Everyone over 80 is dead ”
Madsen said that among those who have come under investigation for death, there are vulnerable elderly people who are living in nursing homes. Of those who died, all were over 80 years old. He said: “It appears that these patients suffered side effects of fever and restlessness after applying the vaccine, which made them seriously ill. He later died.

Along with this, medical director Steiner Madsen pointed out that such cases are rare and that the vaccine has been given to thousands of patients with heart disease, dementia and many other serious illnesses. He said he wasn’t too concerned about these cases of side effects at this time. He said, “We don’t worry about that. It is clear that these vaccines present little risk, except for certain sick people ”.
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‘Only get vaccinated after examining one by one’
The nine patients in Norway who had severe side effects include allergic reactions, excessive discomfort and high fever. Apart from this, in the 7 patients in whom less side effects were seen, there was severe pain where the injection was given. Even after that, the Norwegian Medicines Agency asked authorities to carefully identify the first people to be vaccinated. Madsen said: “Doctors should carefully identify those to be vaccinated. Those who are seriously ill and are counting their last breaths should only be vaccinated after checking them one by one.

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