Side effects of the pfizer covid 19 vaccine: doctor seriously ill as soon as the vaccine against the corona virus is admitted, admitted to intensive care – Mexican doctor treated in the intensive care unit after receiving the pfizer covid 19 vaccine

A Mexican doctor fell seriously ill after applying the Corona virus vaccine to the American company Pfizer and had to be admitted immediately to intensive care. The doctor was having trouble breathing. Mexico’s health ministry said the ailing doctor was suspected of having encephalomyelitis. After being vaccinated sick doctors feel very weak.

The Department of Health said: “A 32-year-old doctor in the country has received the Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer. He was admitted to the intensive care unit within half an hour of applying the vaccine after suffering from a rash, cramping, body weakness and difficulty breathing. When the doctor had a reaction to the vaccine, he was under the supervision of the vaccinators. They are now being processed.

The ministry said the doctor was currently undergoing treatment for encephalomyelitis. He said: “The doctors are under observation and they are being treated with the help of expert doctors. There is swelling in his brain, efforts are being made to reduce it. The sick doctor is said to have a history of allergy to other drugs. This allergy causes scratches on people’s bodies and sometimes leads to death.

Corona positive health worker after vaccine
So far, no such reaction has been observed in anyone with the Pfizer vaccination. Previously, a health worker had become corona positive just one week after the introduction of Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine in California, United States. A health worker named Mathieu W. works as a nurse in two different hospitals. This nurse had installed the vaccine against the Corona virus on December 18 and also posted it on Facebook. The health worker said he had no side effects after receiving the vaccine.

According to an ABC News report, the health worker fell ill after working in the Kovid-19 unit on Christmas Eve 6 days after the vaccine was applied. The health worker started to feel cold and later his body started to hurt. The health worker started to feel tired. The nurse went to the hospital after Christmas and had the wreath tested. “We know from clinical trials of vaccines that it can take 10 to 14 days to build immunity to the corona virus,” said Remers, an infectious disease specialist in the United States. I understand that the first dose of corona virus vaccine gives you about 50% protection and you need another dose for 95% protection.

Doctor fell ill when Pfizer’s corona vaccine started

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